Thanks to PastOthirty from the Ruralinfo.net forum for this work around.

Until the services we rely on are upgraded to modern standards of security and usability, bidding on jobs required us to use an outdated, insecure, and not readily accessible web browser. In other words, if you don’t use an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will be unable to bid.

This is frustrating to many. In order to workaround this problem, and likely use any browser, without any modification from the default, and more secure settings, all you need to do is:

1. Log in normally to liteblue
2. Navigate to ‘My HR’
3. Click on the ‘Access eJob Bidding’ link (to set any necessary session cookies and download and cache any necessary client side browser assets, eg, scripts, stylesheets, or images).
4. Here is the slightly, trickier part. In the same browser container (can be the same, or a different tab, just so long as the logged in session is shared across tabs), go to


The problem as best I can tell is that they have mis-configured their SAP web server software to send bad cross origin response headers. The link listed in step four was originally intended to be displayed as an internally framed object with a loading animation, which then redirected automatically to the warning page. Its really kind of dumb, but that is progress I guess. At the time, someone was trying to be clever, and they were, but now with more secure browsers, such half-hearted chicanery isn’t supported.

Bypass the tom foolery, by logging in and doing everything you would normally do, then type, click, or activate the bookmark to the address above and you will be able to once again bid on any mainstream computer using any mainstream browser you choose.

As of 6-12-2015, appears to work in:

-latest release version of Firefox on Linux, Android
-latest release version of Chromium on Linux

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