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Did you know? The value of one minute..

Did you know that 1 min during a mail count can be worth $2088.00?

Thats right… If you are close to moving into the next hour of evaluation, overlooking something small could mean a $2000.00 mistake.

Just as an example:

A 40k Step 12 route’s salary is $52,061.00
A 41k Step 12 route’s salary is $54,011.00

That is a $1950.00 difference.

Just look at some things that are worth 1 min.

  1. 18 Letters
  2. 10 Flats
  3. 2 Parcels
  4. 4 mark ups
  5. 30 DPS letters

Also, be sure and use your PS Form 3821 (clearance receipt) at the end of the day…

The PO603 does not say if you want to, It says Complete Form 3821..

PO 603 431.4 Form 3821

Complete Form 3821, Clearance Receipt, showing the number of receipts and undeliverable articles returned for clearance. If the form is properly completed, the clearing employee signs and returns it to you. This relieves you of further responsibility for the items

Follow the instructions in the PO603 and get the credit you are entitled to.

Do you know how much they are worth each day? 2 minutes…

They not only give you 2 min, they protect you in the event that an accountable gets lost…

Did you know if you add a box during the mail count period, that it can be added to the mail count up until the last day of count..

That means you get

2 min for a NonL curbside or 1.82 for an L curbside or 1 min for a CBU box.

That could also push you over into the next hour of evaluation..

Did you know that all confirmation events that prompt you for a signature are entered in the accountable column?

That is worth over 4 min…

Hopefully, this demonstrates how precious 1 minute is during a mail count.

Be diligent, learn your rights and get what you are entitled to.

This is your salary, your livelihood. Make every minute count…


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