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Clarification from USPS on Pickup Scans and rural carriers using the load scanner function

The NRLCA has been working with Postal Headquarters to address two issues with the field prior to the upcoming National Mail Count and the NRLCA was able to convince Postal Headquarters to put out the following clarification letter.

Loading Initiative: The Loading Initiative SOP issued November 2017 utilizing the MDD was intended for city carriers. Rural Carrier instructions are covered by Section 223.23 in handbook PO-603. Carriers have the right to take parcels to their case to mark parcels and sort into delivery sequence.

PUB 399 Carrier Pick-Up: PUB 399 has allowed mangers to direct rural carriers to only scan up to 5 pieces associated with a carrier pick-up since April of 2016. The attached clarification letter states that if customers have requested and been provided acceptance scans on each individual piece, the carrier should continue to scan each piece and credit will be provided during the mail count period.


Click here to view the National Rural Mail Count Clarification letter.



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