What is the probationary period for rural carriers?

New Regular carrier
The probationary period for a new employee appointed as a regular rural carrier shall be ninety (90) calendar days. The Employer shall have the right to separate from its employ any probationary employee at any time during the probationary period, and these probationary employees shall not be permitted access to the grievance procedure in relation thereto. (Article 12.1 of the National Agreement)

New Rural Carrier Associate (RCA).  
1. The probationary period for a rural carrier associate shall be 90 days actually worked or one calendar year, whichever comes first. All other applicable provisions of Article 12, Section 1, shall apply.
2. A change from rural carrier associate to regular rural carrier shall not interrupt or otherwise change the running of the time counted toward completion of the probationary period. (Article 30.2.b of the National Agreement)

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